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Teeth Whitening Blue Island

It’s amazing what a fresh haircut, new outfit, or updated manicure can do for our confidence and mindset, and many of us are in the habit of indulging in these little treats to keep ourselves pampered and feeling good. While a trip to the salon or boutique may be part of your self-care routine, have you ever considered extending that self-love to your smile? Whitening your teeth is a quick, easy remedy that can almost instantly leave you feeling more confident and looking your best! If you’re curious about the facts behind tooth whitening and what it can do for you, read on to learn a little bit more!

1. Teeth yellow for a variety of reasons, but what you consume is mostly to blame.

While it’s true that teeth will naturally yellow over time, no matter how diligent you are in caring for them, there are certain things you can avoid to help slow down the process! Smoking and using chewing tobacco are huge contributors to the yellowing of teeth, so kicking your nicotine habit will have far-reaching benefits. Drinks like coffee and red wine are also highly staining liquids that can leave their imprint on your enamel over time. Additionally, vibrant foods like berries and curry are known to stick around after mealtime. It’s always best to brush your teeth soon after consuming something staining to help prevent stains from setting.

2. Teeth whitening is a chemical reaction.

The removal of stains on your teeth requires a substance such as a hydrogen peroxide to help lift away surface stains. There are different options available to combat your yellowing grin, and your dentist can help point you in the direction best for you.

3. Treatment by your dentist can produce results of up to ten shades whiter in about an hour!

Having your teeth whitened in your dentist’s chair is a surefire way to know you’ll get the results you want. Using a higher concentration of whitening agents, your dentist will target stains while avoiding other areas of your mouth, like your gums, that can sometimes be unintentionally bleached when at-home solutions are used. Some dentists will incorporate a specially designed light or laser to enhance your whitening experience even further!

4. At-home remedies can be more cost-effective and better for minimal stains.

From strips to trays to paint-on gels, there are a wide variety of at-home whitening solutions available to purchase at most drugstores! These products vary in their reliability and cost, but a quick internet search should lead you to reviews of each product. At-home whitening is a great option for people looking to lighten their teeth by only a few shades!

There are many reasons a person may want to enhance their smile through a whitening procedure, and how they do so is their choice! However, being informed is the best way to decide what’s right for you, and we are always happy to discuss whitening procedures with our patients.

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