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Are Veneers Worth It?

Porcelain veneers are thin ceramic shells attached to the front of your teeth to disguise cosmetic flaws and give you a beautiful, even smile. If you are considering dental veneers to improve the appearance of your smile, there are several crucial questions to ask to determine whether veneers are worth it. What Conditions Can Veneers … Continued

What to Expect in the 24 Hours After a Tooth Extraction

Your dentist may prescribe a tooth extraction to remove impacted wisdom teeth, teeth damaged by decay, trauma, or gum disease, or to create space on your dental arch before undergoing orthodontic treatment. As the anesthesia wears off and your mouth begins to heal you may experience some of the following temporary side effects: Bleeding Discomfort … Continued

How to Teach Your Kids the Importance of Dental Hygiene

Teaching your children the importance of proper dental hygiene from a young age can set them on a lifelong journey to a beautiful and healthy smile. Good oral hygiene and a balanced diet help prevent future dental problems like caries and gum diseases. To help establish good oral hygiene habits, you need a great dental … Continued

7 Ways Stress Affects Your Oral Health

While we may all react to stress differently when our immune system is weakened, it triggers our brain to seek comfort foods or form unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol and smoking. These damaging habits can place your oral health at risk. Early detection of oral health issues can help save your gums, teeth, and jaws … Continued

Dental Crowns vs. Veneers: Which Treatment Do I Need?

Are you trying to decide between crowns or veneers? When considering the best treatment for you, it depends on the condition of your teeth and what results you are hoping to achieve post-procedure. Crown treatments are used for individuals who have cracked or worn teeth, large fillings, or root canals. Veneers are typically used for … Continued

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