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Discolored teeth

Age, poor oral hygiene, a diet high in pigmented foods, and lifestyle factors like smoking can cause your teeth to become yellow or gray over time. A discolored smile can affect your self-confidence, making you less likely to smile or speak in work or social situations.

At Blue Island Smiles, we offer several effective treatments to enhance your smile and renew your confidence.

1. Professional Teeth Whitening

The best way to achieve a brighter smile is with professional in-chair teeth whitening. Whitening treatments use highly concentrated bleaching agents, typically consisting of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, applied directly to your teeth.

At Blue Island Smiles, our teeth whitening treatments last as little as 15 minutes. We give your teeth a thorough cleaning to remove built-up plaque and tartar, then place a protective barrier over your gums to prevent soft tissue irritation.

Your dentist then paints a layer of dental bleach onto your teeth and activates the ingredients with a specialized light. The active ingredients react to create oxygen molecules with lift, break down, and disperse the staining pigments in your teeth.

The bleach is left on for 15 minutes, then you rinse, and the dentist compares the shade of your teeth to a shade guide. The process can be repeated up to three times to achieve a smile up to eight shades lighter.

2. Composite Dental Bonding

In some cases, tooth stains cannot be removed effectively with professional teeth whitening. Intrinsic staining, often due to medications, dental trauma, or illness, affects the dentin layer of your teeth and can only be disguised with cosmetic treatment.

Composite dental bonding is a safe, affordable procedure in which your dentist applies a tooth-colored acrylic resin to the affected tooth. The composite is applied in thin layers, which are hardened between each application with a curing light. The bonded tooth is then shaped, buffed, and polished to help the composite blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Composite bonding can last from three to ten years with the right care. However, dental bonding is prone to staining and chipping. You must maintain a thorough oral hygiene routine to maintain the appearance of your bright new smile.

3. Dental Veneers

Another excellent option for treating intrinsically stained teeth is dental veneers. Veneers are a thin porcelain shell cemented to the front of your tooth to hide dental flaws like discoloration.

During the veneers procedure, the dentist shaves a small amount of enamel from the front of your tooth to make space for the new veneer. This means that veneers are permanent and irreversible.

After preparing the tooth, the dentist takes an impression of your mouth and sends the mold to an off-site lab where your porcelain veneers are fabricated. At your next appointment, the veneers are cemented in place and cured with a high-intensity light to create an extra-strong bond.

Veneers are less vulnerable to staining and chipping than bonding and can last 10 to 20 years. Veneers are not recommended for individuals who suffer from jaw clenching or bruxism because the added pressure can cause the veneers to wear down prematurely.

Get Brighter Teeth at Blue Island Smiles

If you want a smile that is several shades brighter, contact Blue Island Smiles to book your appointment. We can assess your oral health and determine the right treatment to fix your discolored teeth. Call us or use our online form to schedule your appointment today.

Be proud of your smile.