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Brushing Apps

Do you want to help your kids learn how to floss and brush properly? Are you brushing for the recommended two minutes? How do you know if you’re getting the most out of your at-home oral hygiene routine? There’s an app for all of these questions – and more!

Dental hygiene apps make it easy for kids and adults alike to adopt better brushing, flossing, and rinsing habits. Apps make taking care of your mouth into a fun and interactive experience, using games, badges, and points to keep score. You can even set daily reminders and keep track of when it’s time to replace your toothbrush or schedule your next dental appointment.

Interested in taking your at-home dental hygiene routine to the next level? Whether you want a no-nonsense approach to oral hygiene or a highly interactive experience, your perfect app is out there waiting. Please take a look at the list below to see our favorite apps to discover this year!

For kids & music lovers: Brush DJ

Dentists recommend brushing for a full two minutes, twice a day. Brush DJ connects to your music library and plays two minutes of your favorite song while you brush. Once the song stops, you’re done!

Brush DJ also features how-to videos to help you learn how to brush and floss correctly. You can even set reminders on when to switch your toothbrush and when you should schedule your next dental checkup.

For a no-nonsense approach: Brushout

Brushout has a clean, straightforward interface that focuses on helping you ensure that you make the most out of each brushing session. Set a two-minute timer and use their interactive guide to ensure that you reach all four sections of your mouth – including the back teeth that often get left out.

The app comes with a calendar that tracks daily brushing habits, and you’ll get achievement badges as you progress. Set a reminder for the morning and night to ensure that you stay on track with your at-home oral hygiene! Brushout is only available on iTunes.

For kids: Chomper Chums

Chomper Chums is built to help children ages 3 to 11 learn how to brush properly through a colorful, interactive, and engaging interface. Kids can select – and name – their animated character, choosing from an alligator, horse, or a lion.

After brushing correctly, kids get rewarded with coins that can be used to purchase food for their character. But for their horse, lion, or alligator to thrive, they’ll have to make sure that they are brushing regularly and feeding them healthy snacks! It’s a great way to help kids understand how oral hygiene and the snacks they eat are connected.

For kids & adults: Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B

Make brushing fun for kids and adults alike with the Disney Magic Timer app by Oral-B. Each two-minute brushing session is guided by a Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars character, with plenty of fan-favorite music and animation. Access a Report Card at any time to track progress, points, and badges, and watch as your character travels through an animated calendar after each day of brushing.

Dental hygiene apps can help you stay on target with brushing, flossing, and rinsing each day. Once you download your oral hygiene app, don’t forget to add a calendar reminder to schedule your next appointment with Blue Island Smiles. We’d be happy to help ensure that you are getting the most out of your at-home oral hygiene routine!

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